A right transfemoral (above the knee) amputation doesn’t slow Toby down any more

A Rheo computer-controlled knee returns Toby to his active lifestyle

A right transfemoral (above the knee) amputation doesn’t slow Toby down any more

Drew Hittenberger and Toby Newman met several years ago after a heartbreaking accident altered Toby’s body forever.

On Toby’s 27th birthday, he had a lot to celebrate. He had a precious baby daughter and was planning a trip to Hawaii to marry his sweetheart.  However, a birthday trip on a motorboat threatened all that he knew. An accident on the boat claimed Toby’s right leg, above the knee. His birthday celebration turned into a trip to the emergency room and his wedding was indefinitely postponed. On top of it all, Toby had no insurance.

Toby was told about a man in Petaluma who could help him, Drew Hittenberger. “I heard about him, called and spoke to him and he just drew me in. He was very, very nice to me from the start.” Drew and his staff “worked with me on the insurance matters and all the paperwork which really, really helped.”

Understanding the importance of a gentle bedside manner, Drew worked tirelessly with Toby to ensure comfort and understanding of his prosthesis – a Rheo computer-controlled knee. The Rheo calculates the movement of Toby’s knee several thousand times per second to ensure a smooth gait and stability.

We’ve maintained a relationship with him for over the years and are always inspired by his level of energy and accomplishments.

While Toby admits that the loss of his leg inevitably restricts some activities, he still keeps just as active by running his own business with his wife and caring for two vibrant young children.