Active golfer, swimmer with trans tibial amputation is not slowing down

Robert is looking ahead and very positive of about maintaining his very active lifestyle

Many enthusiasts could relate to Robert Bertucelli’s motivation for healing quickly: Robert, among other things, is a golf enthusiast.  With a right transtibial amputation, Robert remains active, loves participating in sports and is anxious to continue to improve.  As a retired police officer, he is accustomed to being very physically fit and energetic. Amputation hasn’t slowed Robert down. His initial goal was to be able-bodied enough to play golf as soon as possible.  He is currently wearing a temporary prosthesis with a silicone liner and pin suspension which has allowed him to travel for golf to Las Vegas, Plumas County and Truckee. Robert has achieved his initial goal and is now looking ahead.  He’s begun using the gym and we’ve discussed a swimming prosthesis for him. He is a prime candidate for a new prosthesis; the new prosthesis would incorporate a special pylon that actually twists and decreases pressure on his residual limb when Robert takes a golf swing.  Only Robert can tell if there are any limits to his goals.