Charles - Right Trans Tibial Amputee (Below the right knee amputation)

Now Charles has a lightweight permanent prosthesis with a flexible liner so he can maintain his independence and good humor

Setting reasonable goals is a wise approach to life.  Add obstacles such as vascular disease and diabetes, and achieving goals can feel tantamount to survival. Charles Barbour came to us in 2005 with goals of simply being able to accomplish everyday chores, including mowing the lawn and doing laundry.  Charles has vascular insufficiency and diabetes which caused him to lose his right leg below the knee.

After several fittings, he is now wearing a lightweight permanent prosthesis with a flexible liner. This prosthesis helps Charles maintain his independence and sense of humor.  He can make his way around the house and participates in activities and he also now walks for extended periods of time.  There are times that Charles needs assistance in adjusting his prosthesis but cannot make it to our office. Because patient comfort is imperative and the highest priority of Drew Hittenberger, he has made several evening trips to Charles’s house to ensure Charles’s comfort.