Donald - Right Trans Tibial Amputee (Below the right knee amputation)

Drew Hittenberger reduced the weight of Donald's prosthetic by two thirds and fabricated a new prosthetic from carbon for energy efficiency and transfer

Donald visited us shortly after moving from Michigan.  Donald’s story speaks to the uncertainty of what life deals, but the certainty of what a great attitude can promise.  In 1992 Donald was run over by a train that resulted in a traumatic amputation of his right leg.  He maintains a short residual limb filled with a lot of scar tissue.  As testimony to Donald’s wherewithal, following his amputation he worked closely with several prosthetic companies to develop suspension and running systems, particularly vacuum suspension systems.

His move to California has given us the privilege of meeting Donald.  When he came to Drew Hittenberger Orthotics & Prosthetics, he had a prosthesis that weighed over five pounds.  We decreased the weight by 2/3.  We fit Donald with a prosthesis dynamic in nature.  This prosthetic foot, fabricated out of carbon, stores and releases energy.  It incorporates a shock-type pylon so, like a pogo-stick, it absorbs vertical loading that permits him to spring forward when he rolls over on his foot. This allows him to walk fast and run.  Most importantly, allows Donald to enjoy his favorite activities: fishing and bicycling.