Gordon, a transfemoral amputee, returns to a physically demanding job with a prosthetic

With support and planning, Gordon is as active - or more so - than ever before

At the brave and bold age of 27, Gordon’s life changed in mere moments. A motorcycle accident claimed his right leg and forced him to get an above-the-knee amputation. Gordon maintains that the accident gave his life a focus and purpose he’d not previously known.

Treated in San Francisco and San Rafael, the hospital staff raved about and highly recommended Drew Hittenberger to fit Gordon with a prosthetic limb. “Right away, Drew was quick to reassure me that I’d be able to live just like I’d lived before the accident. He made me feel so comfortable.”

To further alleviate any fear and apprehension, Drew gathered a few of his other patients who had been through similar experiences; they went to the hospital and spoke with Gordon. “That was the best thing and exactly what I needed at the time. That convinced me, OK, this is do-able.” When he was released, Gordon was immediately welcomed by Drew’s staff and made to feel as though he was one of the family.

“The accident is what got me to focus on the long-term, the future.” True to Drew’s word, Gordon is now just as active as ever.  With a physically demanding job, a wife and three children, he may actually be more active than ever.