Lucky’s Story: When a rescue dog needed a new leg, Drew discovered a new lease on life.

When a rescue dog needed a new leg, Drew Hittenberger readily accepted the challenge and found a new chapter in his own life

Time was running out for a rescue dog when Drew received a call from Compassion Without Boarders. The pup needed a prosthetic leg or he would have to be put down.

Drew had experience with veterinary prosthetics and agreed immediately. Drew understood survival, having been diagnosed with stage four cancer himself in June 2017 and treated aggressively from that moment on. The bond Drew felt with the pup was immediately strong. He and "Lucky" as he named him, together were given the gift of a new lease on life in the process.

Their story is featured in an article called "Lucky in Love" in North Bay Biz Magazine now.

Photo: Drew and Lucky.
Credit: North Bay Biz Magazine

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And now, the next time you're in my office, you just might meet Lucky, my new tail-wagging greeter and prosthetic ambassador.