Sonoma Medicine Features Article by Drew Hittenberger About his Experience in Haiti

"Helping Haitian Amputees One Step at a Time" in Sonoma Medicine, a feature article written by Drew Hittenberger, recounts Drew's remarkable experience traveling to Haiti in 2014 on a mission with Mobility Outreach International.

Drew Hittenberger was invited to write a feature article for Sonoma Medicine's International Medicine feature. The article Drew wrote, "Helping Haitian Amputees One Step at a Time," appeared in the Spring 2015 edition of Sonoma Medicine. It details the experience Drew had while on the 2014 Mobility Outreach International mission to Haiti to help train local professionals and aid in treating amputees in the country following the 2010 earthquake that devastated the country.

Sonoma Magazine has been kind enough to allow us to share with you the article in its entirety in PDF form.


Download the article