We are a comprehensive prosthetics-orthotics practice, founded in 1989, serving patients in the Northern San Francisco Bay Area region. While we have offices in Petaluma, Santa Rosa and Kentfield, we also see patients from throughout California and Oregon.

While providing a personalized, innovative and knowledgeable approach to patient care, we continually strive to combine state-of-the-art techniques with compassion and cost-effective technology to solve our patients’ needs. We give our patients tools, information and resources to allow them to achieve their goals.

So what makes us different from the rest? In short, our core values:  trust, confidence and expertise.

TRUST. Since 1902, the Hittenberger family has worked diligently and lived purposefully to earn the trust of patients. While we excel at fabricating life-changing devices, we believe in building relationships first, and these partnerships require that we be honest, reliable and genuine in all that we say and do – Trustworthy.

CONFIDENCE. We believe deeply in our abilities and, more important, in our purpose serving you.  As a Drew Hittenberger Orthotics & Prosthetics patient, you can be supremely confident that we will work and live up to our our high standards of ethical conduct and our vision of delivering answers that are appropriate, useful, practical and functional – Fitting Solutions.

EXPERTISE. Drew Hittenberger has invested over 35 years in becoming a national expert in his field. He has pioneered prosthetic/orthotic innovations, won the Presidential Design Award for the Seattle Foot, published numerous articles, lectured worldwide and performed humanitarian work for war victims in Nicaragua and Russia. Drew delivers excellence in all his endeavors, especially in building caring, personal relationships with patients and the professional healthcare community.