We work with the very latest technologies in orthotics, customizing them to suit each patient's needs.

Dynamic Bracing Solution (DBS)

Based on proper alignment and biomechanical analysis, the Dynamic Bracing Solution orthotic system improves the stability and performance of patients with lower extremity weakness. Made of light weight energy responsive carbon, the DBS System includes various AFO and KAFO designs to stabilize and realign the foot, ankle and knee. Revolutionary in design several DBS systems include, dynamic posterior springs which store and release gravitational energy which lets the patient walk fast and run.

SMO/DAFO – Cascade Orthotics

Supra Maliolar Orthotics (SMOs) and Dynamic Ankle Foot Orthoses (DAFOs) are designed to correct deformities and improve the function of the foot, ankle and knee. Custom made, these orthoses are worn over the foot and sock and fit inside a shoe.