In addition to providing orthotic and prosthetic services for humans, Drew Hittenberger also works with animals, including dogs, horses and cows.  He has made prosthetic paws for dogs that were either born missing a leg or through injury needed to have it removed. He has also designed knee braces for search-and-rescue dogs that needed additional stability when searching on rough terrain.

Whether it is a fetlock joint of a horse, paw of a dog or fractured pelvis of a cow, Drew Hittenberger has designed it. He continues to work with highly trained veterinarians and physical therapists in the rehabilitation of animals.

Drew custom fabricates and handcrafts devices for animals using the same technologies as he does with humans. As they do with humans, these non-invasive orthotic and prosthetic designs offer animals a wider choice of treatment while improving their quality of life.

The Amazing Story of Panache - Drew helped restore Panache's mobility